Why you need a standard website





Every establishment, product and individual needs a website these days and we will tell you why. This is the information era and everyone literally get their information off the internet as well as every group, business and person has an online presence for staying connected. Whether it’s through social media, a website, or a combination of both or even a mobile application.


Even churches, clubs and freelancers now have websites and you are certainly not an exception to the rule. You and your business shouldn't be left out, owning to the fact that a website makes it easier for people to reach you.

1. A website attracts visitors, clients or potential customers. These days, people search the internet for everything, including information about churches to visit, what to buy, where to buy it, who to buy it from etc. If your business doesn't have a web presence, the visitors won't find you.


Be easy to find, and that means – be found online! If people are checking your website on a regular basis, your content will often be shared and distributed, thereby informing more people of what’s going on about you and your business which in turns brings in more customers = more profits.


2.A website connects people. Interaction takes place even when people aren’t physically together. Websites give users a way to interact and stay connected. This kind of interaction helps build publicity for your business.


3.A website keeps everyone informed about the latest events, activities, news and announcements, throughout the week.


4.A website saves you money on advertising. Everyone wants the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to marketing. Websites are way more visible and far less expensive than any other form of advertisement


5.A website is your testimony. Within seconds of accessing your website, a person forms opinions about you or your business—for better or worse. A good website is a great way to communicate a good testimony.


6.A website lets you reach your fans or others who are unable to attend your meetings/seminars/concerts/other events for health, distance, weather or other reasons. Post your brochures online, post the speech outline, record and post your event audio/video to your website for all to view or incorporate live streaming feature on your website for everyone to watch the even live!


7.A website answers questions about you and your business. People have all kinds of questions about individuals and their establishments. What you do? Story Behind you or your business? Product Launch? Product Benefit? How can you answer all these questions with ease? A Website.


8.A website stores your media. A website gives you a digital media library. Storing your files online is a great way to increase the longevity and accessibility. It also saves time and energy. When sorting for a particular file, simply typing the name, fetches the file.


9.A website increases your business’s income. People pay their bills online, invest their money online, and read their bank statements online. Can they also buy your products online? With a website, yes.


When you or your business has a website and offers online payment processing services, people can easily pay for your services from the comfort of their homes all around the globe. They are already familiar with online shopping and bill payment.


10.A website creates a way for fans to register online. Whether it’s just registering for a newsletter, registering for events, or having an entire section of your site for registered users, it will help connect your fans as much as helping you keep in touch with them and knowing the best way to improve your product or services.


11.A website creates a way for users to contact you conveniently. Your office address is never enough. A website provides an online contact form so the website visitors can submit an email directly from the website with ease.


12.A website is also a wonderful place to list your business' mission statement, leadership biographies, and helpful information for newbies.


13.A website is global. When you have a website, you have the ability to reach people all around the world and you can spread your message to anyone with Internet access.


14. A website creates a fan base for you, your brand/business and we cannot underestimate the power of having fans to connect with since these people are indeed the very ones who will buy your product.


Websites are not limited to a particular nation, and thanks to handy online translators, not even one language. Your product can literally make a difference throughout the entire world, just through your website.



Core Benefits of Building a Website for Your business
* Reduces paper work.
Serves as an advertisement medium
* Simplifies sales pitch for customers
* Your business looks professional and credible
* Builds trust and confidence with customers
* Keeps people informed of the latest happenings in your company
* Makes locating your company a lot easier
* Best for managing and tracking your sales
* Helps in promoting your products and services worldwide.
* Brings more clients for your service.
* Serves as a testimony for new potential customers
* Reduces overhead costs.
* Reduces stress on workforce.
* Encourages participation of fans in your events/activities.
* Gives quick access to your support officers (even while mobile).
* Generates more profits for your business.
* Reduces delay in information retrieval.

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Why you need a standard website

Every establishment, product and individual needs a website these days and we will tell you why. This is the information era and everyone literally get…

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